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CMB, Classic Motorboats of Norway is an association uniting people with the common interest in classic motor boats.

We are about 150 members nation wide, but the majority are within the Oslo fjord and Bergen to Haugesund area.

CMB consists of owners of classic motor boats and people sharing the same interest.

CMB was established in 1992 by a few entusiasts, and today it has grown to be the largest classic boat associaton in Norway, participating in most wooden boat festivals around the country.

In addition to the large festivals we arrange a series of our own meetings.

The social profile is an important part of the CMB objective, and family members are natural participants on our meetings and festivals.

Our members boats originate mostly from Norway and Sveden, but even England, Denmark, Italy and USA are represented.

The range will be from open 15 feet runaboats to 50+ feet motorcruisers.

To have a boat classified in CMB the main requirement is that it is constructed before 1970, and it is made of wood primarily, or steel. There is also other requirements considering hull design and other details.

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